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Fresh jokes for 11.07.2018 (91 pieces)

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Cupid who has run out of arrows, stabbed with a knife lovers.


Each girl is from, she claims. Smart is able to maintain a balance.


Tell us about methods of weight loss. However, I'm not interested in "less food, exercise more".

I am interested in: "Cut the strand at the moon rising, read the plot, put under a pillow and lose weight by 5 kg", or something.


One smart girl really wanted to be stupid. But was not pretty enough to kiss.


Odessa. The old courtyard. In the apartment door and knock the robbers.

- Who's there?

- don't be afraid, open, visit!


- Everyone worried about why cheaper oil and gasoline is more expensive; why the overall level of knowledge of pupils decreased, and the average score on the exam has risen; why the President expresses the need of a technological breakthrough, and spending on science is falling. But most interesting is that these questions no one dares ask.

- Who to ask?

- the Club Connoisseurs, of course. Who else?


Maniac waited for his victim in the Park, but he had only another maniac.


I have two years looking for the murderer of his wife... no one agrees to take it.


— Grandpa, tell the tale of the three bears!

— Grandpa is already old, so a maximum of about two.


Horvat, Ognjen vukojević, who posted the controversial video received a job offer from the football Federation of Ukraine.

here is the more serious punishment of suspension and fine.