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The joke about how a Jew with a taxi driver pay

Pectrum 11.07.2018 at 06:54

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One Jew returned home from the hotel by taxi. When the driver drove him to the house, the Jew came out of the car and began frantically checking his pockets and his bag, while saying:

— where the Fuck is the wallet? Where's my wallet?

the Taxi driver in this time waited patiently until the client will pay. A Jew in this time, all rummaged through his pockets, then slapped his forehead and exclaimed:

— I left my wallet in the car! I was able to put it down?!..

the Driver, upon hearing these words, has sharply given on gases and rapidly left. A Jew, fairly rubbing his hands slyly said,

And Rabinovich — well, not lied — this thing really works!