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The anecdote about complaining driver a good businessman

Pectrum 11.07.2018 at 07:56

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In the Late morning from the door of a luxurious mansion leaves the businessman and sent to standing near the gate of the black "Lexus". And not waiting until the driver opens the door for him, a businessman opens it himself and sits in the back seat. Glancing at the driver, the man notices that he is extremely depressed and almost crying.

— Sergei, what with you? What's wrong again? — asks the businessman. — You have a month that someone with a grudge, as you can!

the Driver, a heavy sigh silently starts the car and leaves the road. The businessman doesn't let up:

— Sergey, I don't understand what's going on?! I'm from your village was taken?

— Well, was taken, Ivan...

— the army you got?

Well, got...

— I three-room apartment in the center of Moscow you bought?

— Well, bought it, Ivan...

— the Salary of 200 000 I monthly pay?

— Pay...

— the best restaurants are you with me?

Well, go...

— You asked to change — I changed?

— have Changed, Ivan...

— So what are you, Serge, forever dissatisfied with something?

— Oh, Ivan, I wish we still drove one!