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The joke about how a Rabbi advised the owner of the factory

Pectrum 11.07.2018 at 09:00

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The owner of the factory came to the Rabbi and complained that he had problems with the business:

— you Know, Rabbi, my factory is running at a loss! The staff I lazy, don't know what discipline is, the performance is almost at zero, and all debts, multiply and multiply... Help me, you're a wise man!

— Okay, — replied the Rabbi — if you want advice, I'll give it to you. Just bypassing his factory, all the workshops, two times a day with a Talmud in his hands.

a month Passed, and the Rabbi came back to the manufacturer, this time happy and smiling:

— Rabbi, you have created a miracle! I began to follow your advice, and my staff began to work! In the team increased discipline, everything is done timely and properly, and with the debt I paid! Tell me, what's the secret?

the Rebbe smiled and said:

— it's simple: the Director is obliged to constantly monitor their production, to understand what is happening. You started to walk around daily his factory — that's the result.

— that's okay! And the Talmud, why?

— And the Talmud — for solidity.