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The anecdote about how the vampires were arguing who is the most bloodthirsty

Pectrum 11.07.2018 at 10:00

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Once three vampire started to argue: who are most greedy for human blood. Decided to prove in practice. First went on the road and after 15 minutes came covered in someone else's blood. The other two ask him:

— Well, how did it go?

— do you see that tree over there?

— Yes.

— Right behind him — the few houses of the village. I all the inhabitants killed!

Flew the second. A little more than half an hour, and he came home covered in human blood. The other two ask him, say how it went. He says:

— See that tree?

— Yes.

— the broken village is small, but there is more live people there!

Came third. Flew away an hour later returned — all over, from head to toe in blood, already reeling. The other two immediately — it:

— what are You doing this? Where have you been?

— And that tree you see?

— Yes!

— And the reason I didn't notice.