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The anecdote about how the guy in the "penny" in "Mercedes" crashed into

Pectrum 11.07.2018 at 13:02

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Beginning of the 90s. At a busy intersection waiting for the green light is a fancy tinted "Mercedes" at the wheel sits a typical boy in a crimson jacket and talking on a cell phone. Suddenly right in the ass of a Mercedes hits an old rusty through "penny".

From "peanuts" immediately POPs up pale from fright white-haired old man coming to satinirovannaya the window of "Mercedes" and says:

— Oh, excuse me, I didn't want! In my truck something with the brakes, I just don't have time to take her to the side! I'll give you the money for the repairs, the apartment will sell, but I will! Hey, can you hear me?

Silence. The old man repeated his speech several times, but the answer is still not heard a word. Waving his hand, the old man climbs back to his "penny" somehow turns her on and leaves. Suddenly the door of the Mercedes opens, she gets out brother, gets his mouth slobbered piece of some rag, throws it on the ground and says:

— Ugh! Yet, damn, this moronic airbag gnaw could have missed the sucker!