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New cool jokes to make you giggle with friends

Pectrum 11.07.2018 at 13:23

Articles on a range of subjects: history of Russia and the world, society, famous people, amazing events, unique places, curiosities past and present. A huge collection of jokes and jokes and fun and instructive stories from life.

— Than the last office party ended? And I don't remember.

— I don't remember, but the boys told me about how you got drunk and on the table a strip dance.

— they Lie! I do not know how a Striptease dance!

— so they said — do not know.

— what's with the mayonnaise salad don't eat?

— No, don't eat mayonnaise.

— can't stand?!

— Tolerate, but not far...

— What is "betwixt?"

Is a quarter — liter bottle for three.

johnny had seen films about wildlife. Comes the next morning in a kindergarten and went straight to the teacher:

— they said On TV that the crabs feed in large groups. And we have in the garden a large group?


— the Man! Why are you on me all the time look and look?!

— well, let's switch places, then YOU are on I will watch.