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The anecdote about how the ensign wanted the captain to pin

Pectrum 11.07.2018 at 14:01

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The officer approached the Sergeant and asked the question:

— Comrade Lieutenant, tell me, how much you can eat buns on an empty stomach?

the Ensign scratched his head, something in the mind figured and said:

— about five, maybe even six.

— Wrong! On an empty stomach, sir, you will be able to eat just one bun, and the rest would no longer be on an empty stomach!

the Ensign laughed at such a task and thought it would be good to ask the captain. He went to him and asked:

— Comrade captain, tell me, how much you can eat buns on an empty stomach?

— seven Pieces, I guess.

— is a Pity. Now, if you said, "about five or maybe six," I would have you so good pinned!