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In The Last of Us. Part 2 Ellie's going to have a partner

News — Gambling 11.07.2018 at 17:35

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Some time ago, Naughty Dog introduced The Last of Us. Part 2 at E3 2018. During the press preview of the creative Director of the Studio Neil Druckmann reported that in the second part of Ellie will be the only playable character. But as it turned out, the gameplay is not radically different. In an interview with BuzzFeed, Drachmann reassured players: at least part of the game Ellie will be accompanied by a partner. Previously, Ellie was a non-player character, but in this story she is the main character, so it will manage the players. But it's safe to say that, as in the last game, this story will also be NPC, although we did not show in the demo. Our General approach is again to solve: why do we treat associates as human beings? How to make them behave like people? How do we give them interesting characteristics, so they can move the world and make actions and surprise you with how humanly it looks? Neil Druckmann Reporters noted that this approach resembles not only about Ellie from the first part, but about Atreia from the new God of War. And the creative Director was what to say about it. Yes, we are friends with these guys. We are neighbors. It seems they're not in Santa Monica, but we have similar technological and creative processes. And we welcome friendly competition to beat them on all fronts! Can you give this to Corey (Barlog, Director of God of War. — Approx. ed.). Neil Druckmann Hardly anyone would mind seeing in the role of companion Ellie raised her companion from the first part, Joel. Especially since the developers have already admitted that with him so far, so good, it is located in the community of Jackson. But perhaps it would be too obvious and Naughty Dog will not "mirror" situation. Find out closer to release: The Last of Us. Part 2 will be released only on PS4, but while it is not known exactly when. When feelings are stronger than reason. Interviews with developers The Last of Us. Part II