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The producer of Binary Domain would gladly undertook the continuation, but...

News — Gambling 11.07.2018 at 18:20

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Journalists of the French publication Gameblog spoke with the producer of the Yakuza Daisuke Sato, affecting in particular the probability of the birth of the continuation of unusual action Binary Domain. Sato with a smile on his face began to answer the question, declaring its full readiness to do a sequel, but the decision is made by SEGA. Japanese companies need to understand the viability of such waste of human and monetary resources. Unfortunately, released in 2012 Binary Domain flopped in sales both in the West and in the native Japanese market. Despite this, the new IP from the creators of the Yakuza eventually gained cult status, repeating the fate released in the same year Thriller Spec Ops: The Line from the German Studio Yager. Both projects attracted the attention of the players too late, when the developers have already switched to production of other games.