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The Director of "District 9" will film a sequel to "Robocop"

News — Gambling 11.07.2018 at 19:18

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James Cameron is shooting a new part "Terminator", pretending that the previous three films didn't exist. About the same will make MGM with his "goonie". A sequel called "Robocop returns" continues the story told in a fantastic action movie, Paul Verhoeven, released in 1987. Thus, the films "Robocop 2", "Robocop 3" and restarting the "Robocop" 2014 for simplicity are considered to be non-existent. The role of the Director to continue the film company chose Neil Blomkamp, who was nominated for "Oscar" for the film "District 9". "Robocop" has had a huge influence on me in childhood. I liked the movie back then and it still remains a classic with a deep meaning, hidden behind the bright appearance. I hope that our sequel will be closer to the original. That's my goal. What I knew as a child have changed over time. Most strongly manifested consumerism, materialism, and Reaganomics, this topic is America on steroids from the 1980s. But as I grew older, I became more and more touched on the theme of identity. If there is a humanity, a good story can happen at any time, it is not tied to a particular period of history. Now I am interested in the search of lost identity and how memories affect the development of events. Neil Blomkamp Screenwriters Edward Neumeier and Michael miner wrote a draft of the continuation shortly after the successful premiere of the first "Robocop". However, because of the rush stuff came out raw, then on the plans of the film company was affected by the writers strike, and after he Verhoeven refused to shoot in favor of Schwarzenegger and total Recall. But many years later I suddenly found that some of the events predicted in unclaimed scenarios came to life. And then it was suggested to pull the draft out of the basket and to trust its completion to Justin Rhodes. How to change the original intent of the writers, we are unlikely to soon find out. Yet the movie has just the writer and Director.