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The day when the Soviet Union began to sell the magic screen 11.07.2018 at 21:05

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12 Jul 1960 in selling out the toy, which in the USSR was called the "Magic screen" — a sort of tablet, under a glass screen which was evenly spaced aluminum powder. It was sort of a background on which the user is painted with the cursor controlled by two knobs. Each grip was responsible for one of the two axes — the horizontal or vertical. Before the wide spread of smartphones, tablets and computers, this thing was able to permanently occupy not only the child, but another adult.

the Device was invented in 1959 by Frenchman Andre Cassagne. He did not organize production himself, and showed his idea to the company Ohio Art toy fair in Germany in 1960. At first, the company reacted to the novelty with skepticism, but later that year decided to release the first batch. For six months, sold a whopping 600,000 copies of the toy without too much pathos called Etch a Sketch. In the USSR, the toy is officially sold only in the 1980-ies.

12 July 1988 towards Mars have been launched, the spacecraft Phobos-2. The objectives of the mission included the study of the atmosphere of the red planet and its satellite Phobos, as well as photographing the surface of the satellite, and landing on his two research stations.

the Phobos-2

"Phobos-2" was very close to the Martian satellite at a distance of 860 km in six months to February 21, and started taking photos. A month later, the spacecraft made photos already from a distance of 191 kilometers. However, a few days before the scheduled descent of the two research stations, the "Phobos-2" has deteriorated so much that it became impossible either to manage them or to obtain any useful data. However, in the nearly two months that the spacecraft spent in the vicinity of Mars and Phobos, has collected a large amount of information: the lack of water on the moon, about the interaction of the atmosphere of Mars with the solar wind on the thermal characteristics of Phobos and the many long trenches, most of which originate from a crater called stinky, the diameter of which is one third of the diameter of Phobos.

on 12 June 1995 Tatu Ulanen submitted the Protocol SSH (Secure Shell). Researcher Technological University of Helsinki wanted to find an alternative to the already then existing rsh, rcp, telnet, and rlogin, which were subject to frequent attacks with subsequent interception.

SSH gives you the ability to securely transmit data in networks using three protocols: authentication Protocol, connection Protocol and transport layer Protocol, which allows you to encrypt and compress data. Most often, SSH is used for remote management of computers based on operating systems of the Unix family.

By the end of 1995 a new protocam has already benefited approximately 20,000 people from 15 countries. The great popularity of SSH was facilitated by the fact that his Creator did not take money for using their solution.