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Oppo is preparing an offensive on the European smartphone market

3DNews - all the news of the site 14.07.2018 at 06:01

3DNews - all the news of the site

Oppo intends to significantly strengthen its position in the European smartphone market: as reported by network sources, the company is preparing to release a large number of new devices. Oppo sent to the intellectual property Office of the European Union (EUIPO) applications for registration of several dozen brands. Notation is A11, A13, A15, A17, A19, A21, AX5, AX7, AX9, AX11, AX13, AX15, AX17, AX19, FX7, FX9, FX11, FX13, FX15, FX17, R23, R25, R27, R29, R31, R33, RX17, RX19, RX21, RX23, RX25, RX27, RX29, RX31, UX1, UX3, UX5, UX7, UX9 UX11 and.