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Sergey Ershov: “to appreciate the joke can only be a spectator”

KVN for ALL 17.07.2018 at 07:46

KVN for ALL - all the news of the KVN Comedy Club and other comic projects..

About the UPS and downs of the team "Ural dumplings" in an interview with the newspaper "Kurgan and Kurgantsy" said the actor, writer, Director Sergey Ershov.

— is it True that only Alexander Maslyakov decides which teams get into the League and which are not?

— to be Honest, we initially didn't like. Remember, he watched the room before the final concert of the festival in Sochi. Sitting in the audience, arms crossed with a scowl. And next to him his son, San Sanych. he probably was sixteen. Maslyakov‑younger so infectiously laughed after every joke. Alexander looked at him, looked, and then said: "What are you uhohatyvalsya? It's not funny!". And San Sanych replied: "Dad, you don't understand, it's very funny!". Thanks Maslyakov Jr. we were in KVN, consider him our "godfather" father.

— this year was released the film "Members" Ilya Aksenov. In the picture show of hard-hitting inside out of this game. Sergey, how do you feel about this job?

— Good movie that tells the truth about the WHC. The idea is wonderful, maybe someday filmmakers will be interested in the topic of the formation of the witted from a simple guy to the artist, because the story each of us unique. For Example, Andrei Rozhkov. He is from a poor family. His father constantly scolded that he jumps on stage like a fool. Sent Andrew to the factory to work, because a family to feed. He's right: what kind of humor, humor can be thought of as the house there is nothing. In the life of Andrew was not once jump up and down. A lot of guys.

— Now on the Internet a lot of criticism. As the team "Ural dumplings" struggling with negative comments?

Believe that the world has become a meaner, because of the Internet, you can write with impunity anything. Many people choose to leave nasty comments on any topic. For example, will have a new edition of the show "Ural dumplings" on youtube. We immediately begin to read "Dumplings" is not i.e. What kind of nonsense? Who watches this stuff? It's time you had to shoot." Frustrating and disappointing. But, on the other hand, we understand that some people can assert themselves only through such filth. If they face someone like this said, we would have received a "drum." Try to these comments not to pay attention. Constructive criticism now, unfortunately, almost no. It is not enough to artists because it helps to move on in the creative plan

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