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Waist and health

ARTICLES | Classdiet 22.07.2018 at 17:05

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Speaking of excess weight, we usually consider the BMI (body mass index). But there is another very important indicator, which indicates the presence of visceral fat. This fat surrounds the internal organs and increases the risk of premature death. This figure is the waist.

the Amount of waist in women should be no more than 80 cm, in men no more than 94 cm

Even at a normal weight, a large waist leads to a decrease in life expectancy.

the Increase in the waist for every 5 cm leads to an increase in premature death among women 13%, men — 17%.

the Index of waist circumference / hip circumference

There is a close relationship between the ratio of waist/hip ratio and health status.

In accordance with the recommendations of the who (world health organization) waist circumference is measured between the bottom edge of the bottom rib and top of iliac crest. The tape should create a pressure equivalent to 100 grams. Circumference hips is measured around the widest part of the buttocks.

normally, this index should be less than 0.85 for women and less than 1.0 for men. If this figure is higher, then there is abdominal-visceral obesity.

what does this code:

1. On reproductive function.

Women with small waists are less likely to suffer from diseases of the reproductive organs and infertility.

Research has shown that the probability of pregnancy in women with a ratio of less than 0.8 percent higher than 0.9 and more.

2. On the cardiovascular system.

With the increase in the waist increases the risk of hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis.

3. On the occurrence of cancer.

British scientists have found that the accumulation of fatty deposits on the waist, increases the risk of breast cancer after menopause. So, if the waist size in 10 years increases in size, the probability of developing cancer increases by 33%, and if two sizes, at 77%.

it was Proved that men with a waist/hip ratio less than 1.0 less susceptible to prostate cancer.

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