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What is the world Cup, the meaning of the word

News — RF.BIZ — the latest news of Russia 26.07.2018 at 11:25

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The world Cup — what is it? The definition, value, transfer the FIFA world Cup is in Spanish and Portuguese only "world championship", and it 99% of the time talking about football. In a literal sense "world Cup" is just simply "the world" from the word "Mundo" — the world. The emphasis in the word "world Cup" is placed on the letter "a". Russian football commentators are increasingly saying "world Cup" instead of "world championship" because it is fashionable, stylish and relatively short. By the way, not only in the Russian language football world Championships are called "Mundial" in Israel, for example, this word is not less than the chassis. What is the world Cup the meaning of the word in football At each football world Cup, not only from Spanish but also from ommentators from all over the world can hear the word "Mundial". Even the Russian commentators at work in the world Cup will use this word whenever possible, because it is very fashionable and popular. Amazing is this fact: despite the fact that this word was isopotentials a long time, it has not lost its relevance in the modern football world. However, it remains a mystery why the word "Mundial" the vast majority of people use it only in a football context. After all, no one almost never uses this definition for such events as the world basketball championship. How did the word "world Cup"? Very often, many could notice that the phrase "world Cup" is replaced by one word — "world Cup". In 1982 hosted the world football tournament in Spain, where was born the word. The commentators and the fans contributed to the emergence of the new name of the tournament. In the same year the tournament was visited by more than 2 million people who came to support 24 the football team. From the stands, the fans came up with different songs and chants, and the commentators decided to support them and then began their broadcast with the words "world Cup". Spanish players for the first time to experience for yourself, what it is, [...]