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Order photo prints in Cheboksary

Wedding and family photographer 22.07.2018 at 14:36

Michael noses

The photo Book is a real journey through the most happy and important pages of life. She cherishes all the emotions, experiences, experiences that have filled in these memorable moments. Order photo prints in Cheboksary

Unique. Unique. Your

Each photobook is a little story written by You and for You.

To not just transfer the footage to the paper, but to fill them with the warmth of memories, we create a unique design for each photobook.

It can be as wedding photobook and photobook dedicated to the graduation, baptism, birthday, and other things dear to the heart of events.

In its pages in addition to photos may be a signature text to the frame, congratulations, recognition.

Before printing images and design are agreed upon full approval, so You can participate in the creation of a small masterpiece.

production opens unlimited scope for creativity –

we will create a photo book with all Your wishes!


the Cover is made of high quality faux leather, color, texture and design of which You choose yourself.

the Dense material of the pages is not afraid of moisture and does not tarnish over time, which allows you to preserve Your most vivid memories. Texture– matte, glossy – You can also choose to your taste.

Keep such a book in his hand – a pleasure!

the format of the pages allows you to position the frame entirely, without corners and trimming.

perfect quality professional photo printing guarantees the integrity of the original look of Your photobook.

the Perfect gift

photobook is a gift that will be appreciated by everyone. Because with it You give the most important good memories, the value of which every year will grow more and more.

production Time – 2 days.

No time to wait?

Then purchase a gift certificate , which you can pay not only the photo shoot, but a photo book.

More detailed information on cost, ordering and design of photobooks by phone.+ 7 927 8535 444

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