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Interesting concept decks — July 24, 2018

Hearthstone® 25.07.2018 at 00:00

Want to change the rating of the game? Maybe you want something new, but you don't know where to start? Or would you like to play for a class that you previously ignored? If you crave variety, check out our selection of unusual and effective decks that made a splash in the duels for the rank of Legend! Start playing in a new way!

to find these decks, we collected data on the most effective players and chose the most interesting of the deck. The selection took place only decks that were used in more than 50 games in the Legend rank.

"Control paladin" — 63,5% wins in 63 games.

This variation on the theme of paladins specializing in monitoring, uses the most powerful tools in the Arsenal of class to prepare for the enemy a real surprise in the later stages of the game. In the early game, the deck fights for Board and cheap creatures allow you to hold out until the later moves, after which comes "Wiped his Black Blade", providing superiority over the enemy. After the appearance of "Uther" the player displays "Zola Gorgon" and "the Old brewmaster" to summon the four horsemen and in one fell swoop to kill the enemy.

"Quest-priest" — 71.4% of wins in 63 games.

Next, we met a kind priest. This deck relies on the ability of the class to survive until later stages of the game and do a lot of damage by the legendary card "Prophet Velen". This deck can put on the field a lot of cheap creatures with a "death rattle" that allows you to use the "Awakening artists". After receiving the "Guardian of love" and give the hero health to 40 units, the player can go on the offensive and play the "Dark reapers of the Anduin" and a couple of "Explosions of the mind" to ensure victory.

"Cubic warlock-zoologist" — 60.6% of the wins in 66 games.

throughout the past seasons we have seen many variants warlocks. This deck combines the potential of "Zoologist" in the early stages and stable efficiency decks with "Carnivorous cube" at the end of the game. The first tactic of the deck is similar to the "Warlock-zoologist" and implies an aggressive style of play with capture fields at the expense of strong, cheap creatures. But in the middle of the duel the play style of this deck is changing and already beginning to resemble the usual principles of using decks with the "eating box". The deck allows you to play expensive demons due to the "Skull Man Ari" and use cards like "Carnivore cub", "Piper" and "VOLVIC Umbra" to get the maximum benefit from creatures with the "death rattle". The culmination of the duel becomes playing "Bloodsuckers Gul'dan".

If you like to play these decks, or during the elimination fights have you seen other unusual options, tell us about it on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments!