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Webinar-workshop on working with UM a Spring Board

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 25.07.2018 at 22:24

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Take two! This time I invite you to a webinar on working with unimodularly Spring August 1, Wednesday, at 20: 00.

Let's try to meet again. It's been almost a month since the last invitation. Webinar Mature, matured, and should finally see the light.

this time it's a weekday. Given that from Friday night to Sunday, all are either on vacation, or on the workload in the cottages, I decided to use the medium. It's the only weekday that I have at my disposal.

the fact that on Tuesday and Thursday I watch in the club office, Monday evening I'm always busy. In addition, I'm still learning. All that remains is Wednesday, Friday and weekend. At the weekend, you will almost not come, so we will try Wednesday.

by the Way, the lottery lure no one else will (I just think they come mostly for the lottery, not because it is interesting). Or only very very occasionally.:au:

Completely rewrite the text of the last invitation to this webinar, I think, does not make sense. If you want more detail, read the article, go here >>

Now only the most necessary.

Than we will be on the webinar?

First of all, we will learn to work consciously with water, with your body against the background of interaction with modulators of the Spring Board and individual. We develop the installation (you can call them software) that will allow us to prepare some water on different occasions. And affirmations to work with the body to start to listen to us and understand. In short, we will develop some techniques that are useful when working with unimodularly Spring in order to get the most tangible results.

Consider, please, the points that worry you in terms of your body. I would like you to receive from interaction with such EM as a Spring Board and Spring individual?

to get Rid of some physical disease? To reduce the weight? To get the metabolism? Or something else?

you can Write in the same theme - the post is not closed.

the TECHNICAL aspects!

This webinar will be conducted through Hangout service YouTube.

we Have a special webinaria room which has a stream (actually it is on YouTube and can be there to watch) and also has a CHAT!

the Chat is very convenient, since it is possible to register all of the social networks - Facebook, Vkontakte, Google+ and many others.


In our chat, you can log in as ANONYMOUS using your email address. Moreover, the email can be taken from the ceiling, that is, to come up with. This is for those who are not registered in any social networks, or who do not want to "SHINE". Only request to be called by their real names or at least nicknames from the forum so I've gotten to know you.

the Attention of those who will be logged in the chat through Facebook.

To ensure that comments are not displayed on the page in your account of VK, it is necessary to REMOVE a TICK that is in the checkbox under the comments box to the left of the words to COMMENT. Remove this checkmark, and no one will know where you are and what you do )))

As you know, for me very important feedback, especially on practical webinar. I don't like talking to myself. I'm not even very good voicing commercials when I have no listeners ))) So I ask you to participate in the webinar. Because your participation is energy, and energy support, which is important to me!


►If suddenly will fade video or sound, it is necessary to restart the room (if not at all). This is done by pressing the keys F5 or Ctrl+F5.

►If there is something I have (and it is), then all the waiting, when the connection is restored.

►If still with room can't make friends, then you can watch the webinar and YouTube. For this video stream (in the room) click in the lower right corner "YouTube" and go to the YouTube channel. By the way, it is possible also to write comments.

of course, I prefer that you looked in the room and wrote comments in the room. In this case, I don't have to move from room to YouTube and naobort. I still run the presentation through Hangout!

So please register at the webinar page in the chat in order to be able to write comments there.

In the chat has a delay element 20 to 30 seconds, consider it.

the Link to login is still the same -

Come in for 15 minutes to check everything

so, see you on Sunday, 1 August at 20: 00.

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