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Designer from Florida makes shoes that are indistinguishable from the desserts. Among them there are a couple for $ 15 million

AdMe RSS 27.07.2018 at 07:25

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American designer from Orlando (FL), Chris Campbell (Chris Campbell) at 7 years was engaged in development of sneakers, until one day he had not thought to make shoes that look just as edible as his favorite desserts — ice cream, donuts and cakes. Chris admitted that in the process of developing the first models he ate 20 doughnuts a couple of days for research purposes, well, that they were not wasted. Since then, it took several years and an extraordinary idea of the designer turned into a successful business called Shoe Bakery, which literally means "Shoe bakery." Shoes-desserts are very popular, so Chris and his assistants barely have time to "bake". Each pair is handmade, and recently one of them sold for $ 15 million, and there's a reason.