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The free video slots

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Contrary to the opinion of many players that free slot machines are useless, this kind of content can still bring a huge amount of use literally any player. And all due to the fact that the content of this format is a great option for active training and study of any video slot before regular cash process. Demo machines allow a very detailed study of the features of the selected game, then the gambler can consider all nuances of the standard action of playing. Numerous slot machines, the launch of which needs no preliminary introduction of money placed on the portal Arvadacasino. It is here that the demo content is presented in a huge variety, but still divided into convenient groups for selection.

Slot machines of the last century: who was the first inventor?

To some extent, virtually every video slot which can be found on the website Arvadacasino, owes its origin to a man named Charles fey. This man moved to America from Europe and actively engaged in their careers. Since childhood he was attracted to mechanical devices, liked to disassemble and assemble the gear to make something. It is with the mechanics of the fairies wanted to connect his life, and he eventually succeeded. One day he was inspired by the design of the product automaton and decided to modernize it in order to make the device gaming. As a result, the Fairy turned out to collect a gambling slot that later became known as the Liberty Bell.

the Prototype of the modern slot machines

In fact, the Bell became the prototype basis for the creation of future versions of gambling slots. The Bell was characterized by the presence of a playing field of 3 reels and 1 payline. Here it was pretty simple. Slot machine laid the basic rules followed by all users. To get the prize you need to collect on line a few of the same characters. In this case, the winning combination could consist of only three icons. Interestingly, at first the start up cost of the machine was fixed and was 25 cents. But after a while in newer machines, the user might vary the index rate, thereby changing the size of the potential winnings. Inside the Bell was similar to the cluster of gears, which powered the aforementioned reels.