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New maps for the third season of 2018.

StarCraft® II 31.07.2018 at 18:00

The Second season is nearing completion, and so, coming the beginning of the third! As soon as the new season starts, from the list of credit rating cards will be removed "Catalyst PB", "16 bit PB", "PB Red shift" and "Sanctuary of darkness PB". Instead, the list will appear below the new maps, and new maps for team games.


the Split of RV

the Number of bases on this map is smaller than the other maps to play 1v1, and between the complementary bases of the enemy have a straight path to attack. In addition, the destruction of the rocks allows you to open additional passages.

the Blue shift of RV

the Central passage provides the opportunity to undertake the fastest possible attack, and more open routes in the higher elevations allow access to the additional bases of the enemy. Destroy rocks to open the passageways connecting all three major routes to attack.

the Azure rocks RV

This map provides several options for placing the third and fourth additional bases. In addition, in the Central zone there are hills, which may prove to be a valuable asset in the later stages of the game.

the landing Zone RV

This map provides a large selection of development strategies and areas suitable to accommodate the additional bases in the later stages of the game. First, keep a few bases will be easy, but over time the area becomes increasingly stretched.



the Starting position is easy to defend from a direct attack, but the enemy may choose other tactics. To avoid unpleasant surprises, follow the possible approaching aircraft from the Xel'naga watch towers North of the base and take care of destructible rubble in the South.


Gorge Sorrow

the Starting position is well protected, but over time the opponents may open additional passages to your base.


this Sacred land

the Starting position is protected and contains a good supply of resources, but to win not to reach for additional resources, you'll need to join forces with the allies.

Thus, the final list of maps to play 1v1 in the 3rd season would be:

Acid factory RV Dreamcatcher RV lost RV Blue RV offset Split landing Zone RV RV RV blue rocks

These cards are available for testing in the "custom game", so don't miss your chance to work out tactics and strategies in anticipation of the new season, which will begin on August 14. Good luck!