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GSL vs. The World: a guide to safe

StarCraft® II 01.08.2018 at 14:30

If you're a fan of WCS and you can't wait to plunge into the atmosphere of the competition, no need to wait until Global Finals! This week you are waiting for the GSL vs. The World and a parade of the brightest StarCraft II eSports on the particular star of the event. The best players in 2018 — as in the WCS Circuit, and the Global StarCraft II League in Korea and a few selected fans players will compete in the individual tournament of 16 players in a unique team competition. All of this — to see if the strongest players in the world to beat the best players of South Korea.

the Players will be distributed in the tournament of the playoffs to get as many matches GSL Circuit. The most anticipated possible game — Serral vs Maru in the finals of the tournament. Serral confidently in the lead in the WCS Circuit this year, including winning the WCS and WCS Austin Valencia, so he will have to compete with the current world champion Scarlett Rogue and energetic in their half of the grid. And Mara, the two-time reigning champion of GSL, may be faced with Zest and Stats — the two players he defeated in the final in the fight for two prizes GSL in 2018 is still on the way to the championship.

Even if these two don't face in the tournament, they will become the leaders of the team competition vs the GSL. The World — that is, it will be a competition of team against team Serral Maru. Captains Maru and Serral would gain the professional team of the players of the GSL and Circuit, and then the teams will battle each other in nine games; the winner will receive a prize in the amount of 11 000 000 KRW (~10 000 $), and region (GSL or Circuit) with the largest number wins a bonus of 4 000 000 KRW (~3500 $).

For StarCraft II fans who want to follow the progress of the GSL vs. The World, we have prepared the current schedule and broadcasts in different languages.

broadcast Schedule



2 August

1st day of the 1/8 finals

9:00 GMT

3 Aug

2nd day of the 1/8 finals

9:00 GMT

4 Aug

3rd day — the quarterfinals and semifinals

9:00 GMT

5 Aug

4th day — final

9:00 GMT



Channel Twitch




Polski emstudio





Commentators Do Mandalou (Maynarde) Kevin van der Kooi (RotterdaM) Nick Plott (Tasteless) Stemkoski Dan (Artosis)

Follow GSL vs. The World already on 2 August.