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Review of the trophy Fund of the 3rd season

StarCraft® II 02.08.2018 at 08:00

Another trophy Fund will be open very soon. Watch video about skins, which we first showed at the tournament, the GSL vs the World.

Below you will find a list of all the trophies that await the players at each of the races.

the GOLDEN AGE of UMOJA SIMULATOR New visual effect: flags

In the 3rd season of the trophy Fund will be a new visual effect: the banners. The banner is a new way to change your appearance in StarCraft II; they will appear each time in the mode Versus AI and cooperative mode. Each trophy Fund will be a banner for a specific race, and buying three, you also get unique random banner for fans to trust to fate.

Bonus cooperative mode

Apart from all these novelties, trophy Fund will also include a 50% experience bonus in co-op mode. Unlike the previous trophy funds, this time the bonus will be limited to 30 days, and will continue to operate throughout the event, which means you will be able to increase the level of commanders from 9 August to 6 December.


When buying a kit you will get a random banner, and also the following items that apply to other Blizzard games.

"Trophy Fund: BlizzCon 2018" can be purchased from 8 August. You can choose any race to choose for 599 ₽ or to purchase a kit for 1499 ₽.