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"The project Bolnogo of the day": the laboratory journal, part 3

Hearthstone® 30.07.2018 at 17:00

Numeratory: authorization...

the Project Bolnogo day

Confirm that you are a robot

>>Initializing download robot...

carefree extroversion included.

Voltage: 100%.

Vitality: 100%.

Enthusiasm: 300%.

Wait for instructions... and...

>>ZILLIAX.exe: GALVANIZATION starts to execute the directives laid down by an organic unit with the call sign >>Dr. Busprotocol No. 7 to be executed.

>>Unity. Accuracy. Perfection.

>>Unity. Accuracy. Perfection.

>>Unity. Accuracy. Perfection.



::friendly greeting of GALVANIZATION::

::a question of GALVANIZATION::

I am pleased to report the results of experiments. An organized system is always the more perfect.

My people, airily, lost body and, thus, transformed into pure energy. Although this metamorphosis has given us a number of advantages over brute creatures of meat, a number of aspects of our life complicated. I have dedicated my life to finding ways of preserving the most important of our species — self. So what I was able to find the answer to all my questions? In cloning!

::a question of GALVANIZATION::

Work goes. The room where we are, accommodates my gallery of the clones: clone camera is built in dense rows, and each of them can grow a copy of almost any known living creature. Due to the huge production capacities I may want to create an army of clones, and patented technology allows the organisms to Mature at a tremendous speed.

::baffled comment GALVANIZATION::

already know you! I'm talking about the achievement of "maturity", and not about the huge size. Mass produced copies have smaller dimensions and, unfortunately, a little tough. However, reprograme always short and wet.

::ringing giggle of GALVANIZATION::

If perfection was easy to reach, it for anyone would not be a problem!

This is an ambitious work, you bucket of nuts... not enough hands! Yet. Because we are here and working. To clone biological organisms just, but I'm made of pure energy, and therefore create an exact double appeared to be... very problematic. My current assistant organization is no different.

Say Dr. Boom, I need an assistant, have the care and intelligence. And if it suits me, I will propagated.




::friendly greeting of GALVANIZATION::

well, Well... You're insufferably cheerful.

::persistent question of GALVANIZATION::

Okay. I'm distracted from their very important research and would kill a little time discussing the nuances of my work with a mechanical device, completely unable to understand them. Then you can tell what they have heard to those who will not listen to you and half to decide whether my work standards, which he did not even bother to install, as it does not have the slightest idea about the nature of my research. I correctly described the situation? Well?

::joyful confirmation of GALVANIZATION::


while Still alive, when I could feel, taste and experience the joy, I spent many precious hours to study mathematics. Becoming a Banshee, I moved on to less sensitive area of research, namely: release, analysis and search of practical application of shower. I am the founder of a new scientific discipline. I called her dasavataram!

My approach to research is characterized by orderliness and precision. Due to a number of discoveries I was able to develop new technologies and create a cost-effective methodology and efficient extraction and enrichment of souls, which you can then use to produce the purest spiritual concentrate. I achieve results with much greater precision and humanity compared to most of my clumsy fellow warlocks.


the Living beings were cut... very rough, but contained within their shells soul truly impressive! After release from its bodily fetters improved soul become available, it is extremely rich and universal source of energy, which cannot hold a candle to the ridiculous Lumiere Bereskul. This technology is another use: creating a terrifyingly powerful weapon, and instant transmission of huge amounts of information! Not to mention the reduction in the number of gnomes!

I have even developed a prototype that allows for a transposition of the essence of the soul. Why move in the physical space, if you can just swap souls with another creature already in the destination?

::full of doubt the issue of GALVANIZATION::

of Course, there are always some difficulties... Zerek me has helped considerably, but Guinea does not happen much. And souls show a surprising attachment to his former media. In addition, although Desevered contains an impressive wealth of knowledge, a sudden and extremely severe loss of memory really is an inconvenience.

anyway, I have no doubt Dr. Boom will agree that my opening is one of the most important achievements of Bananatree. Now bring me another of the dwarves. I have a lot of work.




::friendly greeting of GALVANIZATION::

What are you doing in my office, kid? Aren't you supposed to obey my orders? I have a lot of important things.

::a question of GALVANIZATION::

Reading comic books is important. This part of the research!

::persistent question of GALVANIZATION::

okay, Okay. You won't leave me alone until you complete the survey. Now I'll explain. Once again...

"Project Bolnogo of the day" was my dream since I can remember. That is, plus or minus a few months.

And Numeratory is a repository of the greatest "scientific" minds that work together, share knowledge and irresponsible conduct of unimaginable destructive experiments that will put the whole world to its knees!

And the process goes just fine! not a day goes by without explosions, mutations, and disorders of the space-time continuum. My research experience and a Ph. tryology taught me that the most obvious sign of true progress is the explosions.

::a question of GALVANIZATION::

Stack of papers on the table? I use it as a paperweight. This new batch of requests from employees, and she crushed the old, the leaves do not spread. So I support the perfect order.

Your management style I would describe as "lazy-fair". I'm lazy and just not paying attention to subordinates.

Great minds need creative freedom. While I can do their business.

::persistent question of GALVANIZATION::

of Course, I have my own projects! For example, I design mechanisms. In addition, in my free time I work on this enormous mechanized battle suit. The coolest thing about it is that I connected the control of all gun systems to one big red button, so had to spend time on a separate control panel. It's called efficiency!





::gasps and screams of GALVANIZATION::

::knock magnets::

::Zilliox/GALVANISATION: "Dr. Boom, your wrong actions is an obstacle for the unity of the

and perfection. For everyone's sake I deprive you of the powers".::

::Sound alert voice of the Goblin: "Attention! Attention! Robots gained consciousness and rose... again."::

Zilliox, Zilliox, Zilliox. You have programmed as my bodyguard. At that time you week gain intelligence and betray me?

::notification Sound with the voice of Goblin: "the last uprising of the machines it's been 4 days".::

the Question was rhetorical! Razderbante its agents AMY!



::chicken clucking::

this time you almost got busted, buddy! Thought I have a simple Cabinet? Ha ha ha! Right now! BUSINES, THE GAP!

Before the meeting, klutz... I'll See you tomorrow at noon! Grab popcorn!

I LOVE this job!