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The August ranked play season: refreshing lemonade

Hearthstone® 01.08.2018 at 07:01

Began on the August ranked play season, and we present a new shirt for cards that you can add to your collection!

Even the most powerful deck and a strategic genius at times powerless in the face of adversity... but that's okay! If we drop hands and bow before the will of cruel fate? NO! What if the fate of the recalcitrant? You need to take it by the horns! The next game surely gives the victory, so it pays to participate in the August ranked play season and get the shirt for cards "Lemonade"!

Shirts allow you to change the image of the back of the card: a great way to beautify the deck, and at the same time to boast of its success. To get it enough to win five wins in ranked play mode in free or standard format (rank does not matter). The new shirt will be added to your collection at the end of the August ranked play season — you will find it in the treasure chest.

the Contents of the chest depends on what grade you have achieved during the season in either of two formats. There may be not only seasonal shirt, but arcane dust, and even gold cards. You can earn no more than one trunk for the ladder season, while its content depends on the highest rank that you have achieved in either of two formats.

And don't forget: the better result you will achieve in the current month, the higher your initial grade to the next. With the start of the new season your rank will decrease by 4 compared to the highest rank that you achieved in the previous year. Those who have reached "Legend" at the beginning of the next season will be assigned to 4th grade.

If the deck has got the lemon, squeeze it and throw it out! And then you can refresh yourself with a lemonade in the August ranked play season.