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In Sochi, killing the boy fell into an open storm ditch

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! 03.08.2018 at 16:30

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! -

In the village of Lazarevskoye in the North of Sochi, killing the boy fell in the storm ditch, according to the regional Department of the Investigative Committee.

the Incident occurred in the afternoon. Next to her was a grandmother: she jumped into the water and tried to save him, but the boy over took to the open sea. Some time later, rescuers found his body.

have Suffered the grandmother of the deceased boy, is unknown. The child's age is not specified. The circumstances of the death of the child found out by employees of SK, the exact cause of his death, will establish is judicial-medical examination.

According to an eyewitness, a resident of Lazarevskoye Daniel Hagman in Sochi today suddenly the rain started.

"In Lazarevskoye with 15 hours flooded the streets. On October street near the cafe "Santa Barbara" was a grandmother and a child. In the eyes of tourists and residents of Sochi, the child fell into an open sewer, and was taken by the streams of water. Followed jumped grandma. Grandma got out alive, and the child pulled out dead. To save him failed," a local resident told the correspondent of "Caucasian knot".

He noted that in Lazarevskoye, a lot of open manholes and stormwater drainage. "Only yesterday I closed the manhole cover which was lying on the road. It's very dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. Today's tragedy is confirmed," said Daniel Hagman.

Other witnesses told the "Caucasian knot" that the boy was five or six years. The child was standing near the car, and then collapsed and disappeared.

"We suppoy was coming from the sea. The heavy rain started. The street quickly filled with water. It flows just raced toward the sea. I suppose, because the construction does not comply with the rules, and storm drains are all clogged. Water was knee-deep. Suddenly I heard a piercing scream. A woman frantically screaming for help. Nobody could understand what had happened. Then I realized that her grandson fell to the ground. A woman rushed in all directions, and then threw herself into the hatch," − said an eyewitness who introduced himself as Oleg.

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