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Culture / Visual arts

Beautiful landscape photography Aye ITC Permata Sari

The main strip 01.08.2018 at 09:30

Meet with photographer and mother of three children Aye ITC Permata Sari (Ayie Permata Sari). She lives in Indonesia, where the fascination shoots landscapes, macro, animals and portraits of people. In the world of photography Aya has a love of travel and nature. She began to photograph in 2009, hopes to soon publish a photo book and want to hold a solo exhibition.

When Aya ITC Permata Sari only started to learn the photo in her bag with the equipment were two camera – Canon 5D Mark II and Canon EOS 7D, is to not have to change lenses during shooting. In addition to these, she used a 16-35mm Canon 70-200mm Canon, Canon 100mm Macro, Canon extender EF 2x IIEF. Additional accessories: ND and gradient ND filters, CPL (circular polarizer), several CF memory cards, backup battery, raincoat and tools for cleaning the lens.