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Workers and veterans of railway transport

Dear friends!

I Congratulate you on the Day of the railwayman.

the Railway industry plays a special role in the life of our vast country, in its spatial development, implementing logistics and transit potential. Steel threads of the Railways to provide reliable transport communication between the regions, directly affect the socio-economic and industrial growth, are key to the prosperity of nearby cities and towns.

it is Gratifying that the Russian railway workers meet their professional holiday great achievements. Thanks to your smooth, hard work for a year before it opened to traffic on the new route zhuravka – Millerovo, successfully implemented other popular projects. It is important to note that due to the introduction of innovative technologies gradually increased labor productivity, the efficiency of the complex as a whole.

I am Sure that the experience, competence, honest, conscientious attitude and commitment to the great traditions of their predecessors will allow you to continue to achieve the planned objectives.

I Wish you all the best.