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Foreigners will help us. Vladimir Abarinov – of the flying monkeys

Radio Liberty 06.08.2018 at 05:38

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is a private, non-profit information service funded by the U.S. Congress, broadcasting to the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East and Russia.

The wonderful time in Washington! The President of the United States continues to assert that the history of Russian interference in the elections – an invention of the Democrats, and his subordinates are satisfied with the White house press briefing to warn the Americans that the threat of intervention was, and remains, real. The impression is that officials responsible for national security, heeded the wise advice of Bulgakov's hero: "On the Sivtsev Vrazhek don't mind!" All of the aphorisms of the President on the Russian theme would make a nice piece of absurdity. For example, grasping a deliberately provocative phrase my lawyer Rudy Giuliani, "I flipped through the Federal criminal code and found no such offence as conspiracy", Donald trump wrote on Twitter: "Conspiracy is not a crime, but it doesn't matter because no conspiracy was not!" More interestingly, the statements of the presidents of the United States and Russia coincide almost word for word. You'd think Cribs they write in the same office. In the first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton candidate Donald trump, nodding to his opponent, saying, "She keeps saying: "Russia, Russia, Russia" but I don't... maybe she is. That is, it could be Russia, but could be China. It could do a lot of people. Could do some small 400 pounds sitting on his bunk" (variant: "sitting in his home in new Jersey"). And this Putin interview (NBC News): "do you Know how many specialists? They will make it to your home address, your children sent, the younger your child is three years old, so arrange everything that your girl three year old made this attack." Megyn Kelly, who took Putin's interview, the daughter was six years old, the youngest son of five ("Just one mistake, he confused the sex of the baby. He called the child a girl, and the rest – virtuoso"). Not so primitive, of course. Donald trump started with a complete denial of Russia's intervention in the election. Especially hard – immediately after the vote, despite a clear intelligence report. It is clear why: did not want to cast doubt on their victory. This was also visible in Helsinki. All the arguments about intervention and collusion trump took to one: I brilliantly won, and Hillary shamefully lost and for their own justification invented a fake conspiracy. Turmoil, ferment and doubt about democratic institutions – that's what it takes overseas to Zelena sends in the emerald city swarms of flying monkeys-trolls trump changed the leadership of the CIA and the FBI, but his appointees, to understand, began to insist that Russia's intervention is an undeniable fact. To deny it is already indecent, and the President took a new position: the intervention took place, although did not affect the outcome of the election, and the conspiracy was not, and spectacular Robert Mueller in vain spends the people's money on their "fake witch hunt". Moreover: "I was very worried that Russia will vigorously fight for influence in the upcoming elections. Given the fact that no other President was to Russia tougher me, they will try to play along with the Democrats. They would not want trump!" The is not a bad move. Now, if the Republican party will lose in the midterm elections seats in Congress, you can blame it on Russia. Actually, why the Kremlin and not to play along with the Democrats this time? In the end, as said the Director of National intelligence Dan Coates, the goal is "to weaken and embroil America." Turmoil, ferment and doubt about democratic institutions – that's what it takes overseas to Zelena sends in the emerald city swarms of flying monkeys-a Troll. The last sharp turn of the Russian story would have stalled any playwright. Trump demanded on Twitter from the Minister of justice Jeff Sesenta immediately close the investigation into Muller's, which makes the "dirty work" and "Mara country." The New York Times the same day reported, citing three informants that the President contrary to the opinion of his lawyers, eager to testify spectacular because you don't feel any guilt and I am confident in your powers of persuasion of the opponent. It is worth to give Trump credit: this is the best way to justify. But the lawyers are afraid that the experienced Muller will put traps and temperamental President will cater to any of them. If you carefully read the comments of Vladimir Putin, it turns out that he retreated from the original position. The President of Russia now does not mention accusations of interference, as before, "nonsense" and "nonsense". He admits that individual citizens of the Russian Federation, engaged in "small business" (this is probably about Eugene Prigogine), could deal with hacking and trolling during the presidential campaign in the United States, but the Russian government to this is irrelevant. In this situation, whatever found spectracolor Mueller, all will benefit Putin. No conspiracy – well, was – even better. All publicity is good publicity. Vladimir Abarinov is a Washington journalist and political commentator Expressed under the heading "Right of the author" opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher