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CSKA is going to partner with the brothers Sedin. Top transfers of the week

News of the KHL 06.08.2018 at 11:00

Experienced giant on view in the "Neftekhimik", another ex-player of "Lada" in Vladivostok and the Danish star of CSKA. on the transfers of last week.

Denis Kostin. From "Avant-garde" in the "torpedo"

to Prepare his pupil, and especially the goalkeeper can be difficult. The dream of homegrown guard gate live in Omsk. One time bet on Edward Razvoja, but it did not materialize. Following the Siberian-Denis Kostin. And at first, he fulfilled all the issued advances. When on the banks of the Irtysh played Konstantin Barulin, the young goalkeeper is in no way inferior star colleague. But last year, when Kostina was pushed head-on with Oleg Shilin, he competition did not survive.

After the new leadership of the "Vanguard" began the tandem Ryam – Bobkov, it became obvious that someone's hometown would have to leave. The extra was just Costin. Now it will be a relief Stanislav Galimov in "torpedo". The citizens in the off-season parted ways with Ivan Listenin, then went in search of a new backup. Costin is only 23 years old and a cross on its prospects to put definitely before. Goalie flourishing, there comes, as a rule, much later.

Marek Celiac. The "Comet" (Czech Republic) in the "Slovan"

Another goalkeeper who has changed his residence last week. However, we are talking only about the official end of the bargain. De facto, the transition Marek Ciliata in Slovan became known in late may after the world Cup. In Denmark, where the national team of Slovakia was not even out of the group, this goalie was the first number of his national team. He suffered from the Russian national team, passing the puck from Maxim Mamin and Nikita Gusev. Two more goals wards Ilya Vorobiev sent into an empty net, and Ciliac made 32 saves.

the leaders of the "Slovan" could not pass player, which is in addition to the debut at the world championship was voted the best goalkeeper in the Czech League and won with the "Comet" Extraliga. And a year before that, Celiac to the same record added Czech MVP of the playoffs. In General, all the way Marek were in Bratislava. However, the role of the main goalkeeper of the capital team it is not guaranteed. Most of the matches last season spent Jakub Stepanek and the Czech are unlikely to voluntarily cede the position.

Chad Rau. From "Avant-garde" in the "Slovan"

If the transition Chilaka in the "Slovan" was an open secret, then transfer Chad Rau – a little surprise. American became the third North American Legionnaire in the "eagles" after nick and Kyle Sousa of Chipchura. And along with Chipchura, rookie is the most skilled forward in the NHL. 31-year-old Rau have played in the AHL, caught nine games for Minnesota, and he traveled around Europe before to look in the strongest League of the Old world.

And even within the CHL, the geography of Chad is amazing. He played in the exotic for any hockey China and industrial Nizhnekamsk and Omsk hockey through and through. Especially American, managed a season in the "Kunlun MTS", when he with 40 points was the best scorer of the team of Vladimir Yurzinov. But last year, Rau would surely like to forget. Neither in the "Neftekhimik" and "Vanguard" to prove himself he failed. This is especially true of the Omsk club, where the striker was mainly released in the lower levels. Obviously, in the capital of Slovakia, will give him much more playing time, and with it the chance to catch the previous scoring drive.

Igor Skorokhodov. From "Lada" to "Admiral"

Gradually beginning to find jobs for veterans who find themselves without work after the recent reduction of the League. Curiously, Igor Skorokhodov managed to play both "Forge", which left the KHL last summer, and "Lada" and "Ugra", who went after him. In Khanty-Mansiysk passed the best years of Skorokhodova. He was among those players who went along with the "Yugra" from the Higher League in the CHL. Igor for several years was the leader of the "mammoth", and in the 2012/2013 season with 27 goals was second scorer of the League after Sergei Mozyakin!

It is the success of Igor to repeat and could not, but in the "Lada" scored only ten goals. However, three other ex-Togliatti – Semyon valuisky and brothers Streltsov, who moved this summer in Vladivostok, built together not much more – 11 goals. In the "Admiral" Skorokhodov needs to be some kind of uncle to the young "sailors", along with other rookies Sergey Konkov and Alexander Chernikov.

Alexei Mikhnov. From "the Motorist" in the "Neftekhimik"

with Skorokhodov has found a new club another experienced free agent Alexei Mikhnov. So far, however, 35-year-old striker has signed a trial contract. Whether it will view Andrei Nazarov in the "Neftekhimik" - will be announced in the near future. There, in Nizhnekamsk, the screening contract is already Evgeny Skachkov. Apparently, in the end, as in the film "Highlander", there will be only one. And, if you look at last season, michnova a good chance.

the Veteran, who scored 22 points for the "Motorist" held the best championship in the last nine years. The last time such statistics overall striker still showed in the "Locomotive". Moreover, in the first half of the season, he was captain of the Ural club. Nazarov in his face can get a leader for the locker room, to the same ideal of power under the style of "wolves". His last words Mikhnov has not yet said.

Yannick Hansen. From the "San Jose" (NHL) CSKA

Without any doubt, the transition from a Dane "San-Jose" CSKA – the main transfer last week. Players of this class moved across the Atlantic, it is possible for all the off-season to be counted on the fingers of one hand. Most recently, Yannick Hansen played in one link with the brothers Sedin and scored 22 goals during the season. Curious, what part of "Vancouver" in "San Jose" traded it on Nikolay Goldobin, who ironically worked in the school of CSKA.

the Dane is known for his flip of the wrist, and even at age 32, shows excellent speed. Hansen is considered a threat, but still dependent forward role rather than a dominant player. CSKA hope that Dane will conduct on ice for 20 minutes, as befits a stellar Legionnaire. Considering that in addition to Hansen's "soldiers" have strengthened the attack with the Linden Wei, the Moscow club has revised its policy regarding foreign players. Now the risk will represent not only the players of the national team of Russia, but also foreigners.