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Filmed in the USSR of the franchise?

Shnyaga.No - educational-entertainment blog 06.08.2018 at 18:18

Shnyaga.No, informative and entertaining blog


the Term franchise firmly in the cinematic language. And though for many viewers in our country that word still sounds foreign, he has nowhere to go. The closest analogue in our language - a series of films United by common characters. A shot in the USSR franchise

I don't know how many people have such to get movies that the series became a franchise.

If three is enough, "the Elusive Avengers" is a franchise,

As captured in the 30-ies of the series of films about Maxim "Youth of Maxim", "the Return of Maxim", "Vyborg side"

Another trilogy - an adaptation of Rybakov's novel "Dirk", "Bronze bird" and "the Last summer of childhood" (or "Shot", if we consider a literary-based)

Another trilogy with a literary basis - a "Way in "Saturn" — "the End of "Saturn" — "the battle after the victory"

If you need more, you also have us as an example - a series of films about the resident Zhzhenov George

don't know Yes, it's under this formulation, a series of comedies Gaidai, United by Coward, Bobby and Experienced - if we take only gaydaevskie movies they pile up four, and if you add their appearance in the films of other Directors, that increases to seven (not counting the Christmas lights)

Well, if four little for the franchise, so we have a longer project. Though not feature-length and television. 24 films with the same main characters. Guessed what I mean? "The investigation leading Experts". Why not a franchise. Brings, the truth is that it's a TV show and it rather should be attributed to the television series. But according to another account, that's 24 individual film

Or here film series "State border" - what is not deductible?

So what do you think, can these series of films called modern word franchise? And if so, what Soviet franchises, do you remember?