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The anecdote about how the father of the son was explaining where he came from

Pectrum 07.08.2018 at 10:59

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One day a little boy decided to ask the father has long worried his question. He waited until dad finished all his work and sit back in the chair in front of the TV. Then a little boy came up to him and with typical children naive asked:

— Dad, where am I from?

on Hearing such a provocative question, father almost choked on his tea. Frantically sorting through in my head all the possible explanations on this subject, he, blushing and stammering, trying to avoid the most spicy nuances, he explained to his son the essence of the process of reproduction of the human species. When the same question was completely chewed, the father excitedly asked:

— so, do you understand? Still have some questions?

what kid in complete shock replied:

— I did not think that all so difficult! Just when Anton from next door asked her father the same question, he replied that they were from Krasnoyarsk...