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Mail of Russia started to issue letters and parcels without a passport 07.08.2018 at 08:36

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Russian Post announced a nice new feature. Now in all post offices you can receive parcels and registered letters that do not require payment, without having to show a passport with an electronic signature. As promised the company, the issuance process shipments using this technology takes less than 1 minute.

to make an electronic signature, you will need to fill out a form in the mail or on the official website. It contains the passport data and mobile phone number of the client. To confirm the identity of the client will require once to show the operator the passport.

After that, the Mail client will no longer have to fill out paper notices. When you receive the parcel, you will need just to call the operator your name or the tracking number for the package, to the staff member found it in the database. After that the client calls your phone number, which the operator sends the confirmation code. The recipient will receive an SMS message or Push notification to a mobile application with a confirmation code that you must call the operator of the post office to retrieve the letter or parcel.

according to the press service of Russian post, the registration itself takes a few minutes, but allows to reduce in 5 times the time of issue of the mail and to eliminate the need for filling out paper notices and the presentation of the identity card. However, neither the weight nor the size of the resulting parcels do not matter.