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Figure of the day: how much To reduce the number of annoying advertising in Runet? 07.08.2018 at 08:52

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Figure of the day:


decreased the number of annoying advertising in Runet.

the Company Yandex has calculated that over the past six months, the number of annoying advertising in Runet decreased by 97%. About it reported the edition "Kommersant" with reference to the provided by Yandex assessment.

Yandex started to filter aggressive advertising in Yandex.Browser in February 2018, and since then, the number of sites with aggressive advertising decreased by 86%. The total volume of the annoying blocks fell by 97%. In February, Indexbrowse blocked about 3.5 million of these units per day, now this figure stands at 900 thousand a day.

To the category of annoying advertising Yandex and the Association of IAB Russia on the basis of surveys carried static ad units to full screen, large pop-UPS in the center of the screen video ads with AutoPlay sound before the main content, banners, full width screen height of 250 pixels on the bottom of the screen or height of 200 pixels at the top of the screen.