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On our planet began to have serious global changes: this is only the beginning

NEWS PLANET 07.08.2018 at 11:46

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It's Hard not to notice the weather anomalies that occur in various parts of the globe. Most of the land suffers from drought and high temperatures that cause continuing fires. In North Korea, for example, killed on the fields of such important crops as rice and corn. And America suffers from fires which destroy entire forests.

Just one Saturday in California happened 18 fires, they died eight people, destroyed 1,800 buildings. About 17 thousand homes are under threat of destruction. Authorities have evacuated 45 thousand citizens.

on 26 July, the experts found that on American soil is swept not the usual fire and fiery tornado. The element was moved at a speed of 143 miles per hour.

In other regions, people suffer from dust storms, which arise due to the drought. Visibility in some cities, zero, people can't get to work or just out to the store.

Scientists say that changes are not associated with the increasing concentration of carbon dioxide. Earlier on the planet it was a lot more, and the earth flourished. To monitor changes is unrealistic – irreversible processes are running. We can only wait what will happen next.