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Chupacabra attacks on animals in livenskiy district

News of cryptozoology 07.08.2018 at 10:48

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In two private farms Kozminski and rural settlements of the Orel region, a mysterious beast killed five goats, and sheep. The wounds on the bodies of the victims rather strange. "We have to carefully look closely to see the cm as if blade made the cuts — said Svetlana Skryabina journalists "Print, TV".

– three Whole carcasses. I flayed the meat is almost like beef. You can pick up, and it will sell like lace. I think the wolves ate something. In Chupacabra, I do not believe, but the blood is not there". After a few days was attacked by another herd. Unknown animal umertino two sheep. The third was still alive, but has a characteristic wound. According to the owners, the rest of the sheep were in a state of shock and did not get up on his feet a couple of days.