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Player No Man's Sky learned painlessly farm eggs "alien" - News 08.08.2018 at 12:20 - News

If you are engaged in the study of the universe No Man's Sky lately, it had all the chances to stumble upon the clutch strange "whispering eggs." They are highly valued on the galactic market, but if you try to collect at least one egg, out of the ground instantly POPs up the creepy creatures that look like the xenomorphs themselves, and attack you. The risk is worth it, but is there any safe way to farm precious eggs? It turns out there. One of the players of No Man's Sky accidentally discovered this method: just stand on one of the eggs in the clutch. A swarm of alien will pop out of the ground, but the attack they're not predatory circling. You, meanwhile, can easily farm monster eggs. To get on one of the eggs using a rocket pack. Most likely, this bug will eventually be removed in the patch, so hurry...