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The developers PUBG began a long-term campaign to fix game - News 08.08.2018 at 19:00 - News

To the developers PUBG finally began to stir and work on fixing the game, all you had to medium online has fallen several times. However, extensive work has really started. So, the developers PlayerUnknown''s Battlegrounds division of Bluehole Studio called PUBG Corp. has officially launched the campaign to "Fix PUBG" and opened a website of the same name. In this portal, developers will publish the reports scheduled for the coming months, efforts to fix the game. At the moment, the plans of the developers extend to the end of October, and some of the objectives, including optimizing characters, servers, and solutions for combat cheats, take several months of development. The developers also plan to overcome the desync that leads to disappointing results for all players: enough a quick check of hits, deaths behind cover, and other similar situations. Besides...