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Video Course "Web Full Stack-Master. Development of CRM-system Node.js, Express, Angular 6"

Educational magazine about computer 05.08.2018 at 02:21

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Web full stack-design — development web application of a full cycle, which includes both Frontend development and Backend development.

web full stack developer (web full stack Developer) is a specialist, able to create from scratch a completely finished web application: a client (Frontend) and backend (Backend), as well as to link them together.

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime on the server side, which is used to build efficient, fast, scalable network applications. Built on the JavaScript V8 engine developed by Google.

Node.js is a cross-platform open-source server-side development and networking applications. Application Node.js written in JavaScript and can be executed in runtime Node.js OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Node – ideal for quick web full stack development.

Video course "web full stack-Master. Development of CRM-system Node.js, Express, Angular 6" shows how to communicate between Frontend and Backend JavaScript development and to create a truly working web full stack application..You will get a full understanding of the algorithm development is quite complex and functional web full stack applications – for example, create a CRM system with absolute zero and up to run on a web server.

the author of the course - Vladilen Minin - paid Pro web full stack development. Prepared over 100 Frontend and web full stack developers live. Holds the position of Senior Frontend Developer large international company. Specializiruetsya in designing large corporate websites to international markets in the form of SPA for modern frameworks.

Studied the materials of the course "web full stack-Master. Development of CRM-system Node.js, Express, Angular 6" and after gaining practice, you will be able to greatly upgrade their professional competence in the field of web programming.

Less than 3 months any developer (even, perhaps, a complete novice) will be able to learn a profession web full stack-developer: including sufficient theory and practice of Frontend - and Backend-development and their interaction.

you will Have a clear step-by-step plan for web full stack JavaScript development, as well as a full understanding of the algorithm development of complex web full stack applications. Will see the big picture and learn how to tie Frontend and Backend together.

the content of the course: Introduction Start developing Authorization (server) the Formation of API Authorization (client) Category and the position of the Add order Page history Page Analytics Run the application on Heroku Bonus rate Premium rate Premium JavaScript-a course for EcmaScript 6 Premium rate Premium NodeJS-MongoDB course Premium course on Git and Github Premium course on TypeScript Premium rate for RxJS (Reactive-Extensions) "Angular 4 from Zero to a Pro. Complete guide to modern web development" Run on the VPS with the domain You receive personal support author

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