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Description of the update for StarCraft II 4.5.0

StarCraft® II 07.08.2018 at 23:00

General Trophy Fund BlizzCon 2018 added to the game in preparation for the global launch event on August 9. There are over 70 new items: figures, portraits, graffiti, emoticons and new cosmetic item — banners. The details you will find on our blog. Bug fixes


the Music that plays outside of the match, would overlap the sound of the videos in the campaign.

multiplayer game

fixed an issue where the pointer targets the "Mass teleportation" and "Strategic leap" does not coincide with the actual size of the scope. Fixed an issue where panel information on allied combat units display the timer of armor-piercing weapons. "The split of RV": fixed an issue where some sets were displayed in the editor, as the area of the stub and is not displayed in the game client. "Blue shift of RV": fixed some issues due to which some landscape textures do not coincide with the places of resource extraction.

the Joint task

Kerrigan: cave hydralisks no longer turns into a cave covertly by improvement. New: fixed an issue in which combat units were dropped at the starting point while trying to unload them immediately after use "Tactical aviamost". "Cradle of death" fixed location of minerals in the main base to the left. Added light sources next to the slopes leading from the Central database, to make it easier to find your way to the next target. Fixed sets, in which combat units could get stuck after teleporting. "Virus war": the interface of mini-cards added different icons for SmartMoto and towers of suppression. "The evacuation of miners": added missing registration of the landscape. "Every little helps": fixed area on the map where combat units could get stuck after a reset.

the Campaign

new: invisible war Added missing elements of visual design in the quest "Horror in the night". Now stormtroopers also benefit from improvements of the infantry. Now the damage of a sword-rifle, "Hellfire", is correctly displayed on the information bar. Legacy of the Void: now for the Queen of the swarm in the task "the Fall of Amon" is used the correct model in the unit.


Improved attack melee Zerg is no longer displayed as a blank icon on the panel improvements when viewing a replay.

Known issue

portraits of the players during boot snooze may be missing or may appear empty.

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