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Welcome to the game the Boomsday Project Inn-vitational!

Hearthstone® 06.08.2018 at 17:00

Constant turmoil and explosions in Numerator — common. But soon the passion escalated even more because of the competition ahead of The Boomsday Project Inn-vitational — the first tournament where players will experience action card game "Project Bolnogo day."

We have already seen, such as North America and Europe protected the Witch's forest from the forces of darkness. Now they are joined by the best players of Taiwan and South Korea, which will show a spectacular play their most impressive decks! (And Yes, world champion tom60229 also involved!)

Players and commentators

Twelve participants will be divided into 4 teams of 3 people. In competitions The Boomsday Project Inn-vitational will participate:

North America



Trump Europe



Thijs Taiwan



ahqShaxy South Korea




to comment on this explosive madness will be Nathan "ThatsAdmirable" Zamora, Dan "Frodan" Chou and Jace "DrJikininki" Gortrait.

the Staff of Numerator are convinced that the more participants involved in the experiment, the better (although it is somewhat exacerbates the chaos is all around). Therefore, The Project Boomsday Inn-vitational in each round is one player from each team (as is customary in other, less... ambitious institutions) will involve whole teams fighting each other to two victories.

However, all the projects Bananatree necessarily need an assistant (or two... or eight). For this reason, each deck of the tournament must be at least 8 cards from the Supplement "Project Bolnogo day."

This passionate audience, as I'm sure you will be interested to know that the tournament will be round Robin, which means you will be able to thoroughly record any interactions and paradoxes.

Every self-respecting scientist knows that the experiments should be an important part of the workflow, when you need to find out what decks are the best in METAIRIE. But if you suddenly lose the ability to work during The Boomsday Project Inn-vitational, we have good news for you: we will talk about all creative decks in the near future.

Stream tournament Stream games the Boomsday Project Inn-vitational will be held on the PlayHearthstone Twitch channel in 10 August at 19:00 GMT. Watch the broadcast at the link below, or by connecting to the Twitch channel (where you will also be able to discuss what is happening in the chat).

read more about our programme of festive events at Fireside Gathering if you want to organize a Fireside Gathering or simply to celebrate the launch of "Project Bolnogo of the day" in the circle of friends. Don't forget that this is your last chance to pre-order "Project Bolnogo of the day"! To learn how to do it, read on.

pre-order and secure your place in the team now!


pre-order, you will receive 50 sets of cards "Project Bolnogo day" Golden legendary card of the new additions, selected at random, and the card "Fur-Caracas"!


This package contains 80 sets of cards "Project Bolnogo of the day", 1 Golden legendary card of the new additions, selected at random, the card "Fur-Caracas", as well as a new hero-warlock for your collection — FUR-CARACAS, REGARSKOGO LORD of MAGPAKITA!

While these packages can only be purchased once for each account, you still have the option to buy both at once! The card and the warlock hero can be used immediately, but to open the card packs and see what legendary card (or cards!) you got, will have to wait for the add-on "Project Bolnogo of the day" on 7 August.

Visit the website and look at the gallery on Facebook, if you want to look at the already published maps and to act as reviewer. Arrange a scientific conference in Twitter using the hashtag #Boomsday, and evaluate the project videos on YouTube.