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Launched "Project Bolnogo of the day"!

Hearthstone® 07.08.2018 at 17:00

"Project Bolnogo day" launched! Now you can purchase and open sets of the new cards!

for a limited time, you can log into the game and get a random legendary class creature (or hero) and three sets of cards (both from add-on "Project Bolnogo of the day") for free.

you can Also get 3 more sets of cards "Project Bolnogo of the day" for FREE when you log into the game after the release of "Puzzles Dr. Boom" on August 21.

the Project Bolnogo

"Project Bolnogo of the day" as Numeratory (secret laboratory illuminated by flashes of purple lightning picturesque Islands that are floating in Netherstorm) is the brainchild of the famous Dr. Boom. He was one of the researchers of the area 52, but decided to distance himself from his colleagues and became a rising star in the design of mechanisms and their quick dismantling in extreme conditions.

Dr. Boom has no equal, but it's time for a new challenge: become part of a "Project Bolnogo of the day" — an interdisciplinary research initiative that surely will change the world. Forever! How? The details of the plan are currently in development...

mind-blowing science!

Numeratory is very proud of its most outstanding innovation of the legendary spells! Our researchers invented the unique spells that compliments the talents of each of the 9 classes.

With such a powerful tool at your disposal "Project Bolnogo of the day" will be closer to completion — whatever it was!

These strange scientists

In Numerator full of wonders and mortal dangers you will meet the best minds of modern SCIENCE, meteorologists, astronomers, biologists, douchewad and many other scholars conducting their eccentric research. Research laboratory staff represent all 9 classes — among them even the doctor himself Boom!

But not all of them work exclusively in one certain area. Some genius finds in Numerator are generalists...

Such an amazing attraction

Dr. Boom has given the property "Magnetism" many of the mechanisms involved in the "Project Bolnogo day." Such mechanisms, leaving the field of battle, can merge with other mechanisms to carry out most difficult tasks!

Just place a mechanism with this property to the left of any arrangement that is already on the Board, all the parameters of these two mechanisms are summarized, all properties will unite and you will get a new powerful being! Don't want to combine them? It is easy to arrange. Place the mechanism with the property "Magnetism" to the right of another mechanism (or near any other creature), and they will remain separate creatures, to do more errands (and escape the powerful effects that affect one target).

the Crazy handles

from time to Time you will need to engage in this methodical madness unwitting helpers. New spell cards — Projects in different disciplines — will give benefits to both you and your opponent. However, the winner can be only one, so weigh your decisions you will need carefully.

To the pesky representatives of the law and other obsessive proponents of morality does not interfere with the project work, Dr. Boom has charged with protecting Bananatree group "omega". This elite unit has high-speed response, however, the highest efficiency reaches only when their omega-generators, the maximum capacity of which is 10 mana crystals, fully loaded!

Solve puzzles Dr. Boom from 21 August

Free content for single player in addition "the Project Bolnogo of the day" — "Puzzle Dr. Boom" — opens August 21! Use your scientific intuition to solve dozens of brain twisting puzzles including the task of destroying the heroes, creatures, game with the same maps and survival!

If you can prove your skills and solve all the puzzles in Bananatree, your collection is filled up with a worthy reward — card "Bunny day!".

the Tournament "Project Bolnogo of the day"

the tournament will be attended by twelve players from four countries, and they have to show their ingenuity in Numerator! Stream the greatest experiment will be carried live on the official Hearthstone August 10. Details on our website!

Wear protective eyewear and your favorite gown, wield the power of SCIENCE — and 135 new maps — into the "Project Bolnogo of the day"!

to Learn more about the colorful inhabitants of Numerator from their own stories!

(Part 1, part 2, part 3.)

see you in the tavern!