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Black pearl (1994)

TV shows to watch online for free. Russian and zarabianie serials 07.08.2018 at 18:35

TV shows to watch online for free. Russian and zarabianie series

Rich Signor of high society Rosalie Pacheco of Warga from an illicit relationship gave birth to a girl and told me to leave her in a prestigious College, leaving the fee for her education in the form of 22 black pearls. The years passed, the girl whom she named pearl, grew up, she was 21 and she must leave the College. Her best friend, eve (by strange coincidence — the granddaughter of Rosalie) meets a philanderer by the name of Thomas, which gives birth to a child, but who abandoned her — pearl vows to take revenge on him.

1 series

Original title: Perla negra

Year: 1994

the genre of the series: drama, romance

the author of the series: Ghaith Aragon, nicolás Del Boca

Actors: Andrea Del Boca, Gabriel Corrado, maría Rosa Gallo, Henry Zakka, Norberto Diaz, Gino Reni, Maria Pia, Eduardo DAGs.

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