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Ovens with steam Electrolux CombiSteam series used in project #Asef retail and distribution 09.08.2018 at 15:09

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Imagine that you are preparing familiar dishes in a traditional way, but in the cooking process heat is added some amount of steam. Traditional modes of heating, which you used to cook, in combination with steam, give a completely new level of quality dishes: meat, for example, remains juicy on the inside without losing valuable moisture and nutrients, but browned on the outside, thanks to the traditional heating. Steam transfers heat better therefore allowing you to achieve the best results cooking at lower temperatures.

Electrolux ovens with steam series CombiSteam know how to add the right amount of steam for cooking different types of dishes. Using ovens with the Electrolux CombiSteam steam series, you can improve your culinary skills. Oven with steam will allow you to:

to Improve the palatability of foods to Maintain the juiciness of your dishes Evenly and bake each piece to Retain nutrients, vitamins and minerals to Use less fat and oil during cooking to Reduce cooking time by 20% to Cook several dishes simultaneously due to the protection from mixing of flavors and aromas to Cook directly from the freezer not defrosting them

It CombiSteam ovens used by the participants of the charity cooking project #ASEP. Fund Electrolux Food Foundation of Electrolux, with the assistance of the volunteer mentoring program "big Brothers big Sisters" and the National Association of Cooks Russia launched its first charitable project in Russia - cooking class #Ashe for graduates of orphanages. In the framework of the project the 20 children will learn culinary skills and get a unique opportunity to experience the profession of chef under the guidance of key industry representatives.

the Program of the course consists of 36 theoretical and practical training and will last for two months, from July to August, on-site culinary Studio Eataly. The best students will participate in the national competition "Form a la Russe" and will be placed in internships in the restaurants of Moscow. To gain knowledge and additional motivation to develop and training will help them authoritative teachers, gurus of the gastronomic Affairs of the National Association of Cooks of Russia, the world Association of Chefs (“WorldChefs”) and famous chef of Moscow partners Electrolux in Russia.