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Maria Farnosova: "the money spent on lawyers, we could live happily for 15 years"

Russian runner Maria Farkasova told about how he tried to challenge his disqualification for doping.

"I until the last moment wanted to have my appeal upheld. Perhaps in another time this was to be expected. But now this difficult and strange situation around the Russian sport is that....

– You wrote in Instagram that none of the officials, including the native Federation (vfla), did not want to help.

– I lacked interest in my situation. Had the opportunity to connect with additional experts and defend me. Plus, I needed financial assistance. At the appeal I had to pay a trial not only of the club but also for the IAAF. The Federation refused to do so. Just for that, I paid 19 000 Swiss francs.

– what exactly was the help of experts?

– I had two experts, against four of the IAAF. We have attracted Professor, doctor of medical Sciences Pavel Vorobiev and Dutch experts, Dr. de Boer. I remembered the day when I had taken the sample, which subsequently did not like the IAAF.

It was before the 2011 world Championships in Daegu. A few days before I transferred to the Assembly in Vladivostok, a very strong food poisoning, plus there was a long flight. Experts explained why my body this way has responded to all these factors and gave these figures. Unfortunately, our explanations are not heard.

– is it True that foreign aid lawyers you spent a fortune, and even sold the apartment?

– I work With lawyer Mike Morgan, who has much experience in such matters. When first hearing, we had very little time, costs very increased. I saw no other choice but to pay for everything. Has spent a huge amount. The money you can safely live happily for 15 years. I also had to leave a very interesting project – the cross country store.

– In the end, you acknowledge the fact of doping?

– No. I don't recognize that he used any banned substances," said Farkasova.