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Impermissible slavery. Yakov Krotov – free communication

Radio Liberty 11.08.2018 at 05:02

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"They doing this to us only because we allow it to them". Slogan interesting is not what it says, the representative of the Russian opposition, and the fact that the representative is clearly counting on the popularity of such a slogan. The representative says these words, urging people to go to the square and say: "do Not allow!" These words did not say Milyukov and Berdyaev, Plekhanov and Kropotkin, Sugars and Novodvorskaya. Because it's not true. Exactly for the same reason people don't come to the area and who's out, not out of a desire "not to allow". Slavery is not "allowed." Slaves win. When the sword when hunger. Never words. Agitation and propaganda come across a hard limit, which puts a person's love for freedom. There is a qualitative difference between the gingerbread man and man. People for any price will not give up the freedom. "They" did slavery without asking permission. They did, doing and will do "it" with violence. First, physical, then mental, then spiritual. But "it" is always violence, and this violence is the physical. Not every slaves are those who were not killed and who was captured because he killed the neighbor. Assad and Putin demonstrate to his servants, the choice is simple: slavery or death, "They" did it when it blew up houses in Moscow, blown up with residents. "They" did it, when they began to deal with the Chechens, Georgians, Ukrainians. "They" are doing it in Syria. Assad and Putin – "they" show everyone their slaves, the choice is simple: slavery or death. More precisely, they have no choice because death is not a choice, but the punishment for refusing to be a slave. "They" do it every day when humiliate, lie, mock. Not "cheating," namely "lying". Lies not with the purpose to deceive, and to frighten. The lie works because it's a lie with the corpses, for clarity. Kill generous, in Russia and abroad, killing unnecessarily, not because the dead were a threat, but because they live without fear are a threat. Enslaved, unlike converted, losing their freedom – particularly the freedom to seek freedom. Slavery, like poverty, perpetuates itself. Not at the genetic level, at the political. The inertial model: it was difficult to capture the Winter, it was hard to kill duhonina in full view of a crowd of soldiers, it was hard to kill the first few thousand people, and then it became easier – they are killing. Collectivization did not even cause major peasant revolts, and the Great terror was not even very large and it was not a terror (the Bolsheviks and then lied to), kind of routine weeding. She continues without interruption, only the slogans change. Here and Rubicon, but not here, not to jump, let the monkey jump. Here – to think. "They" do it with "us" not because we allow it to them, but because there is no "we". There are a lot of "I", not connected to each other in "we". More than just the connection to "we" prevents pseudoroegneria. For example, under the slogan "not allow", and under any slogan. The main connection is not in the "we" and to the organization. What's the difference? Do not communicate. As mocking said one of "them", "Parliament is not a place to talk." It's like saying that the bookstore is not the place for books. And after all that's what they mean! The library does not pass! Life is not for life. Men are not for communication. People to the organization. Let's organize! Despotism is not afraid of the organization of slaves at a party. Any organization composed of slaves, is the slave. This organization can come to power, it will be a despotism worse than before. In fact, this is what was done when came to power, the despotism of Lenin overthrew the Romanov despotism, despotism Yeltsin overthrew Gorbachev despotism. Slavery is a "we" not in the blood – it's in the millions of taskmasters who diligently followed the slaves to communicate that is afraid of despotism? That the slaves begin to communicate with each other. To speak truly, freely, informative, and not talking angrily on the theme of "they're stealing from us", "slavery is in our blood". This is nonsense! "They" did not steal. The slave owner is robbing the slaves, he rightly disposes of the land with the slaves. Slavery is a "we" not in the blood – it's in the millions of taskmasters who diligently watch, that slaves did whatever, maybe even do nothing (until the oil with the gas), but that the slaves do not communicate. Tryndet – please to itch for God's sake, malice – no problem, but not to communicate. Freedom is communication, communication is freedom. The first sign that a political party is not for freedom – that its leaders do not communicate with those who supposedly want to liberate. Only offer "us" slogans, and talk in detail them once. The Style Of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov-Lenin. Style there is no freedom, because the freedom of many styles. How many, so many styles of communication. All free men communicate the same, all slaves do not communicate diversely. It is after all meant and Tolstoy, with his very English sense of humor when he wrote about happy families. Happiness is equally diverse, unhappiness diverse standard. Is it just to stop being a slave? Just go and talk with others? It would be simply, "they" did to "us" this slavery. It is difficult – talk. Organization, organization seem stronger openness, sociability. If "they" won because of the organization (Lenin, after all, has been outspoken about the "party organization"), therefore, they can only beat the "organization". And here and there – "they" won't "us" and "organizovani". Their victory is their death, because the "organization" there is a dehumanization, a denture which replaces the whole person. From trust in organization to go to simple human communication, starting with communication in the family, communication with neighbors, colleagues, like-minded people, it is especially difficult in a system where, as Mayakovsky said, "the street of the writhing tongue-less" for generations, where silence supported – Oh, not at the genetic level, and every day millions cikeusik, from parents and teachers in kindergarten to teachers, police and other and other and other. Difficult, but not impossible. Otherwise, in the world there was no freedom – and it is, contrary to what tsikoudia argue that there is no freedom, but only variously disguised slavery. Is freedom, is the Word free, there are in spite of everything – and therefore have hope that "we" will be the last meeting of "I" are equally available due to the variety in communicating with each other. Yakov Krotov, a historian and priest, author and host of Radio Liberty "From a Christian point of view" Expressed in the section "author's Right" views do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher