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Expert: the health of the Rostov region will not be counted in 2018 3.74 billion RUB due to the monetization of benefits

Meedik 10.08.2018 at 05:00

The Intern health magazine

A Mass exit of beneficiaries from the program of medicinal maintenance of OLS will lead to the fact that the health of the Rostov region this year will not be counted 3.74 billion RUB.

the amount that the system does not receive from the Federal budget due to the fact that citizens make a choice in favor of receiving cash compensation, is growing from year to year. If in 2014 it was about 3 billion rubles, in 2017-m – 3.65 billion the amount of "benefit" for which the citizens out of the program, not so great. This year it is equal to 826 rubles per month. Hardly these they have enough money even on a couple of trips to the pharmacy.

"I appeal to doctors with a request to educate citizens, to explain to them the consequences of their choices – not only for themselves but for the entire health region, said the head of the Pharmaceutical Department Ministry of health of the Rostov region Natalia Kosyakova managers of health facilities in the course of public discussion of results of law enforcement practice of Roszdravnadzor, which took place on 9 August in Rostov-on-don.

According to the expert, it's not just about the money. People who prefer compensation, often do not care about their health properly. Eventually they get to the hospital and require more serious and expensive treatment.

And Roszdravnadzor and the Ministry of health of the region asked the heads of the medical institutions of the Rostov region to place on information boards and to bring to the attention of General practitioners an information sheet for patients which explains in detail this problem.