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"The husband got stuck in the Elevator, and the wife gives birth" themes of the day 08.08.2018 at 21:00

Banking and financial news on the website

The support Staff of financial institutions have to face with the most unusual customers and queries. Sometimes formal relationship may turn into friendship or even love. has asked financial companies to share stories from the life of the units, which are constantly in touch with customers. All the names of the clients changed.

the Bank "Russian Standard"

"If I could!"

this is an Interesting story happened with a specialist telemarketers that tried to persuade the client not to close the card. The operator talked with the client more than 20 minutes. During this time, both women were able to discuss many different topics. Specialist telemarketers trying different, unusual and creative options beliefs. At the end of the conversation, the interviewee asked how many years the employee of the Bank. When she found out that she is only 26, could not restrain his emotions: "If I knew at 26 so to speak!.. Of course, take the card from you, well how can I refuse!?"

IFC "Home money"

"Husband got stuck in the Elevator, and the wife gives birth"

One day an employee of the "house money" almost delivered a baby the wife of a client. At the appointed time she came home to the borrower for the weekly payment. The door was opened by his pregnant wife and was asked to wait 10 minutes as he went to the store. Then everything was like in the movie: a husband stuck in an Elevator, and the wife went into labor. An employee of the company called for an ambulance and lifters, insisted that they come soon, I met the doctors, they loaded the girl into the er with things. In the end, the day of the Finance company employee woman has become a real lifeguard. The couple named a daughter after her Olga, and the company expressed her gratitude.

"the Loan was repaid in the status of the bride"

At the beginning of this year we had a wedding agent "house money", the bride was a client of IFC. They met with the loan. Six months talked only about the loan, and then, as they say, started. In December the loan had been repaid, when the agent and the client were already in the status of the bride and groom. And the client never came to the delay.


"On a forgotten English, explained what I the banker"

"the Evening shift from Saturday to Sunday were no signs of trouble. I decided to do questions to a client stock after the change and stayed the night for a few hours. At this point, called Gerda, and said we screwed up. And there were reasons. Gerda wanted to pay his son living in a Dorm of the London College. She knew she was requested to write to the Bank, to expand the limits, to show that for sale. Together we pre-calculated the amount in pounds and adjusted so that the payment went through, even with the stock. But in the fateful hours, something went wrong. Then I, and night knight Rocketbank administration were simply supports the first line, and we had no tools to help. I heard the bell from the outside, but somehow the situation hit me and I wondered, "what the hell?". And I went to watch. Mikola rashly promised that I would solve the issue, so there was no way back. I cleared all the moments and began to think, simultaneously soothing Gerd. The whole family then sat in the night and feared for his son's future. And they can understand — they are all made in advance.

I decided to give up early and you can negotiate with anyone, decided to call the hostel number on the documents of Gerda. In English, already half-forgotten order, I explained that I was a banker and calling to repeated payment. The person on the other end silently listened to me and said everything's cool, man, but that the Manager decides, it is at 8 in the morning will come. Hung up and wrote the client that he call to London and agreed, sent her to bed. Shout in one of the chats that need help and I hope anyone who is not asleep. There was no answer, I decided to continue the next day. I was rescued by Asya (now she manages all of our support in "Rosebank"), which made the call and agreed that the client can correct all the output. At 11 am she found me sleeping on the puffs of the developers gave me in one hand and a sandwich in the other and coffee, and said something like: "London waits". His hands trembled and my throat was dry, I tried to chalk it up to lack of sleep. Gathered strength and dialed the Manager. Surprisingly quickly he understood what I wanted, and spent payment once more. I ran to please Gerda, and to write an apology, after all, our school. The funny thing is that now every time I see her in chat, we exchange a few words and emoticons, because as if the war together," shared history employee Rocketbank.

"Called all city hospitals"

"the support we immediately decided that we respond to every request, even if it is not really related to our activities. Someone writes in order to share their emotions from the design of our cards, someone is asking to give the car, and someone just lonely. We didn't want to be the typical one-word Bank with serious answers and suggestions to address in the nearest branch. We like to help users, even if they are just looking for a restaurant for a first date with a beautiful girl.

on a hot summer day we asked Harry. He just wanted to know if we can help him with the non-Bank question. The message was a smiley face, it seemed that nothing bad was expected. Ron from our support immediately responded that this is what we was known as the best, and said how can we help. A minute later Harry told me that is on holiday in Turkey, but fell ill, so he returned home. He tried to find a list of the nearest to the airport hospitals, which could make it the night before, but Google failed him, and the only one who can save him is Ron. The next 15 minutes, we rang round all city hospitals, it was obvious that the man needs to be saved. It turned out that the doctor can take the patient only until 17:00. We clarified what the symptoms are Harry and agreed that he would call on his name an ambulance directly to the airport by the time of his arrival. Eventually at 5:20 in the morning, Harry was taken to the hospital, the case was really serious, but cured it pretty quickly. The next day Ron, much worrying about Harry, went to him in the hospital with a huge basket of fruit. They are still friends".


the Place in the cemetery as collateral

Potential customer of RosEvroBank asked to consider the application for the loan. As collateral he offered me a place at the elite Moscow cemetery. But as some other criteria for the loan have not been met, the client, unfortunately, was refused.

Came home and gave the pen

Man from Rostov-on-don, which was not a client of RosEvroBank, wrote in support that his father at the age of 80 years collecting branded pens from different companies. The staff of the local branch of RosEvroBank came home to the collector and gave him a pen with the logo of the Bank. A small souvenir was a real gift for an elderly person.