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Electronic vaporizer WISPR E GREEN Original, Ireland

Best vaporizer | Best Vaporizer store ecig and accessories. Moscow, Saint-Petersburg - latest products 09.08.2018 at 12:01

To buy Vaporizer for herbs and oils and accessories for ecig BEST VAPORIZER - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg

8.800 R. 6.900 p.

A well-known manufacturer from the Irish company Oglesby & Butler Ltd. specialized in developing and selling gas vaporizer, but at the end of 2016, released its first e-vaporizer WISPR E. Meet the new! So, electronic vaporizer for herbs - WISPR E, preserved the shape and design of its gas counterpart vaporizer WISPR 2. The only change is that the chamber and mouthpiece are now placed in the middle. The device is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery and can run on one charge cycle to 90 minutes. Charging the device within 2.5 hours via USB. After switching on, within a minute and a half, vaporizer reaches operating temperature 190 °C and after 10 minutes will automatically increase the temperature to 210 °C. auto shut-off Feature is triggered 20 minutes after the start of operation of the device. The device is compact and easily fits in a pocket having a weight of 137 gr.

the delivery vaporizer WISPR E:

WISPR vaporizer E GREEN - 1 PC

silicone mouthpiece with camera for substances - 1 PCs

spare silicone mouthpiece - 1 PC

replacement silicone mouthpieces - 2 PCs

tool for removing the screen 1 x

Micro USB cable - 1 PC

spare mesh screen - 1 PC

spare "C" clip - 1 PC

cleaning rod for cleaning - 6 PCs

user's Manual - 1 PC

a bag made of cloth - 1 PC